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Spray Tanning at

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does a Spray Tan take?​​​​

A spray tan can take 15-20 minutes for full application.

Does the Spray Tan stain any fabric?

No our spray tan solution washes out of all fabrics, but to minimize any spray tan solution transfer its best to refrain from physical exertion for 6-8 hours. Also wearing loose fitting dark clothing will help.

How long will my Spray Tan last?

​​The life span of your spray tan will depend on the the self tanning application process, the skin’s natural exfoliation process, and the skincare regimen following your sunless tan application. With the Fake Bake professional application, you can expect 6 to 8 days of flawless tan.

How do I prep for my Spray Tan?

Be sure to exfoliate the day before your spray tan. Do not apply any moisturizers or perfumes the day of your spray tan. If possible do not apply deodorant the day of your spray tan as due to chemical reactions this will turn your underarms green. Come in with no face makeup on unless you do not want your face sprayed. Wear loose fitted clothing. You may be fully nude or bring in a bikini, the option is yours. Make sure you have at least 6 hours to relax as physical activity can cause you to sweat and this will affect your spray tan.

How do I take care of my Spray Tan?

After you have received your spray tan do not shower for 6-8 hours. Do not use and scrubs or loofahs during your shower as this exfoliation will make your spray tan come off quicker. Try to shower in cool/warm water as hot water over dries your skin and will increase your skins exfoliating process. Keep your skin moisturized with a light moisturizer. 

The Fountain of Youth Spa is proud to offer sunless tanning, featuring Fake Bake  tanning products.  These are salon-quality products that yield professional results.  Achieve the highest quality tan on the market in just ten minutes. 

Single Session $45

Package of 3 $119