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What is Rezenerate a.k.a Nano Infusion Therapy? 

The Rezenerate Wand is a professional-grade, state-of-the-art precision cosmetic tool featuring nano-technology designed to address fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes as well as a myriad of other cosmetic skin issues. It is the future of beauty…TODAY!

At The Fountain of Youth Spa, we believe that the technology is now here to give people great results without the pain and invasiveness of a medical procedure. Beauty does NOT have to be painful.

What does Rezenerate/Nano Infusion Therapy do?

In a matter of 10 to 15 minutes of conditioning the skin the Rezenerate Chip will create millions of microscopic channels in the top most layers of the stratum corneum, thereby making it ultra absorbent for product and extremely receptive. (Applies to modalities and products.)

When the skin is conditioned, topically applied serums will absorb 7 to 10 times more effectively than unconditioned skin into the epidermis and travel to the problem areas. Products’ efficacy will be boosted substantially and results will be greatly accelerated.

The Rezenerate Chip

The Rezenerate Chip has an array of 49 microscopic pyramids etched into it. Each pyramid has a diameter of one third that of a human hair, the tip of the pyramid is 1/10,000 the diameter of a human hair. 

In order to be classified as nanotechnology, one dimension needs to have a measurement no greater than 1 to 100 nanometers.

The tip of each pyramid of the Rezenerate Chip is ~10nm in diameter, thereby officially meeting the scientific threshold required to be considered nanotechnology.

+ utilizes perfect microscopic pyramids, each 1/3 the diameter of human hair

+are single-use disposable chips + are laboratory sealed in clean room

+ specifically designed for superior results and minimal down time​

What to expect after a Rezenerate Facial?

Days 0 to 2- an instant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, the skin will be tighter, firmer and plumper and for the following 48 hours the skin will look radiant and years younger.

Days 3 to 5- the skin may feel extremely dry as the top most layer of stratum corneum experiences a gentle delayed micro peel, as a new layer of stratum corneum forms below.

Days 5 to 7- the client may experience a tighter, more evenly toned and textured layer of stratum corneum come to the surface. 

Who can benefit from using Nano Infusion Therapy?

+Fine lines and wrinkles


+Clients who would like a good nutrient delivery system for their skin

+Clients who are concerned about painful treatments

+Clients that want quick results with little downtime

+Sunspots and age spots

+Oily skin or dry skin

How invasive is Nano Infusion Therapy? Does it hurt?

Nano Infusion Therapy is non-invasive and causes no pain or discomfort, even on thin bone covered areas like the bridge of the nose, the forehead, and around the eyes.

How often can I get a Rezenerate Facial?

For improvements on specific indications, it s recommended to get a Rezenerate Facial every 7-10 days, for regular maintenance or for simply rejuvenating the skin, 10-14 days is the recommended time between facials.

Does the Rezenerate/Nano Infusion Therapy stimulate collagen and elastin?

The Rezenerate Wand in and of itself does not directly stimulate collagen and elastin, however, when used in conjunction with targeted serums, you are able to elicit just the right response without over stimulating the body and risking an adverse reaction.

How long is the recovery period?

There is no extended recovery period and customers can usually apply makeup and go out a few minutes after the facial is complete. 

Will it damage my fillers or Botox?

No, since fillers and Botox are injected deep into the dermis, the Rezenerate system will not adversely affect your injections.

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