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Permanent Lip Blushing is taking over San Antonio and we are excited to be able to offer you this amazing service!

  • What if my lips have filler can I still get Lip Blushing?
    • Yes as long as your filler has settled then you can definitely get Lip Blushing. 

The Fountain of Youth Spa only uses the best pigments for Lip Blushing. View the chart below for just a few options available.

  • What if my lips are very small can I still get Lip Blushing?
    • Most definitely! By adding a natural color this can actually make your lips appear bigger and depending on your natural lip shape we may be able to give them a bigger look. If you are wanting a bigger difference in size we recommend our Hyaluron Lip Filler before your Lip Blushing session
  • What if I don't like my natural lip shape?
    • We can always enhance your natural lip shape/correct but depending on how much you want to change will  determine exactly what we can do. We always recommend a consultation which can be done in office or virtual through our Facebook messages or Instagram messages.
  • How do I choose my Lip Blush color?
    • Color is always determined by your natural lip color and skin tone. We recommend you bring in your favorite lipsticks/lip glosses so we can take that into consideration as well. We will never start your session before you are 100% happy with the color.
  • What if my lips are dark could I still get Lip Blushing?
    • Yes we will have to neutralize your lips first meaning to brighten the dark areas with special pigments but you can definitely still get Lip Blushing. We recommend a consultation if you are unsure of your natural lips. This can be done in house or virtually via our Facebook and Instagram messenger.
  • Does Lip Blushing hurt?
    • There is minimal pain during your session as we use a two step numbing process, but everyones pain tolerance is different.
  • How long does Lip Blushing last?
    • When aftercare is followed properly Lip Blushing can last 1-2 years before needing another session. If you are wanting a bolder lipstick effect multiple session will be needed, but most clients only need 1.  

Lip Blushing FAQ