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Underarms $25

1/2 Arms $35

Full Arms $45 


*At this time we do not do Bikini or Brazilian sugaring

Waxing Pricing

Underarms $25

1/2 Arms $40

Full Arms $60

Female Brazilian $60

Upper Legs $60 

Lower Legs $60 

Full Legs $110

Hair Retardant Treatment

Sugaring Pricing

The Perfect Vagacial Treatment

Upper Lip $12

Chin $12

Side Burns $25

Neck $15

Full Face $55

at The Fountain of Youth Spa

What is the difference in waxing and sugaring?

They differ in temperature, application, the direction hair is removed in, the amount of time for the service, how much hair is removed in a service, and the biggest thing is the end result. Sugar is applied against the hair growth and removes the hair in the natural direction in which it grows, this allows better extraction with less breakage of the hair. The sugar is applied at body temperature, so no burning. The sugar does not require 10-14 days of hair growth, we only need about 5 days from the day last shaved.

Do you suffer from breakouts or ingrowns on your bikini area or underarms? How about discoloration? Well then, The perfect vagacial treatment is for you!   Using our magic mud ingrowns are drawn out and bacteria is demolished. Notice amazing results after just 1 treatment! Single treatment $59 or add on to Brazilian $39

Shaping Eyebrows $25

Eyebrow Clean-up $18

Upper Lip $12

Full Face $55

Chin $12

Side Burns $30 

Neck $15

Hair Removal Services

HAIR DID IT GO? is a POWERFUL hair retarding enzyme that will leave you silky smooth in as little as 5-15 treatments. HAIR DID IT GO? works on any hair color, type of hair,  or skin tone. Results compare to those with laser. Just apply the enzyme immediately after sugaring or waxing as many times as possible within the first 48 hours. Treatments as low as $16


Body Sugaring is a simple, less painful method of natural hair removal.

  • All natural ingredients (nothing artifical, no chemicals)

  • Water-soluble (Sugar can wiped away with water)

  • Safe to the touch (Not HOT like wax)

  • Long Lasting

  • Goes with the growth of hair, not against like wax