Congratulations on deciding to get beautiful, sexy, natural looking eyelash extensions at The Fountain of Youth Spa! Before you come in we do have a few guidelines we would like you to follow.

1. Make sure all your eye makeup has been completely removed. This is a very important step! If your lashes are not completely clean the adhesive will not bond properly to your natural lash and it will fall off quicker than is should. If you come in with any makeup on your eyes or lashes we will charge $15 to remove all makeup. This will also result in a shorter appointment time. So please make sure your eyes are completely clean!

2. If you wear contacts please be sure to remove them before we start your session. Because your appointment may last an hour to three hours this causes your eyes to become dry and irritated if you have your contacts in. Also the mild fumes from the adhesive may get trapped in between your contacts and eyeball and cause massive irritation. This will result in your eyes tearing up which will ruin any lashes we have already applied as they should not be wet for at least 24 hours. So please bring in a case to remove your contacts. You will be perfectly fine to put them back in once our session is over.

3. Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment. Being more than 10 minutes late will result in a shorter lash appointment or we will refuse service. Our time is valuable and it is not fair to the next client if we run late because you were not on time. This is strictly enforced so please be on time! We start calling clients on our cancellation list 11 minutes after your appointment. When we start you will not be allowed to get your lashes done and you will have to pay 100% of your service before you can reschedule. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. You will be laying flat on your back for your appointment. Make sure you can handle this for a minimum of an hour.

5. If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please give us a 24 hour notice. This allows us time to try and get your spot filled by another client. If you do not give us notice you will be responsible for paying our cancellation fee or no call no show fee. Please read our policy for further explanation.

As long as you follow these 5 guidelines you will be ready for your lash appointment at The Fountain of Youth Spa. We look forward to serving you with exquisite service!

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How to prepare for my Eyelash Extension Appointment at The Fountain of Youth Spa