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Treat Your Acne


The Fountain of Youth Spa

This unique procedure treats acne naturally without parabens or benzoyl peroxide. The result is a clear, bright, even and smooth complexion just after one treatment. This facial is perfect for teen skin, sensitive skin, and even hormonal acne. Using SAIAN Skin Care formulated to benefit all skin tones and ethnicities.

By using ingredients  such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid to kill germs and bacteria, seaweed extracts to nourish and strengthen capillary walls, and rosehip  seed extract as an anti-inflammatory.

What is an Acne Facial?

​-This facial is tailored to clients suffering with acne. Using products with bacteria killing and calming ingredients.

What is involved in the Acne Facial?

-At The Fountain of Youth Spa our acne facial involves a deep cleanse, the use of salicylic acid, an enzyme mask, extractions, our amazing high frequency tool, an acne mask, and our one of a kind spot treatment serum.

Can my cystic acne be treated too?

-Our acne facial treat all grades of acne.

How many kinds of acne are there?

​-There are 4 different grades of acne from mild to cystic. During your acne facial we can help determine what grade of acne you have and better treat it with professional treatments and at home care.

Will I need multiple treatments?

-This will be determined at your appointment depending on the grade of acne you have.

How often do I need an Acne facial?

-It is recommended to get two a month, but this will depend of the grade of your acne.

How much does an Acne Facial cost?

-At The Fountain of Youth Spa we start treatments at $79